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Our Story

Hey, we're raani + ross!

We make intimates designed with your days and nights in mind. Here you’ll find everyday underwear worthy of your top drawer.

Two years in the works, raani + ross was founded on the belief that intimates should not be worn to please others. Since 2020, we surveyed 250+ people to understand how we can make the products they desire come to life.

Fast forward to today, we’re proud to introduce you to our first drop – thoughtfully designed, sourced, and made in Canada.

Our Name

We met in university and re-connected in the summer of 2020 when we first discussed the idea of working together on an intimates brand.

We held our first founders’ meeting (ft. Blondies pizza + a bottle of wine) at Trinity Bellwoods talking about all things underwear – what we love/hate about it, the brands we admired, and what we’d like to see from our own.

We moved on to a conversation around our futures, like sharing our uncertainties around having kids and names were brought up: Raani (meaning queen in Hindi) and Ross.

And just like that, raani + ross was born!


Our supply chain, from fabric to production, is currently managed in Montreal and Toronto. We’re proud to work with suppliers and manufacturers of high-quality, ethical labour standards, and premium production processes. But, we’re still learning. We’re searching for materials that better align with our personal values of sustainability, finding alternative ways to keep our prices at an attainable level, and working with designers to properly develop products to improve our size offering.

Quality is key and we take our design process very (very) seriously. We took two years to not only design the perfect set, but also to build a network and process that allows us to produce high quality pieces. We went through 10+ iterations before landing on what’s on our site today. The design process was (and is) expensive but it was an investment that was very much worth it. This, in addition to growing our size offering, are our priorities with the sales from our first launch.